Inert Waste
Written by Administrator
Monday, 18 October 2010 19:38

A narrow range of wastes are defined under the Landfill Regulations ( NI ) 2003 ( as amended ) as Inert. This is a reference to their physical and chemical stability, that they do not biodegrade over time.

The construction and demolition industry is the main source of inert wastes in Northern Ireland, and throughout the UK. Only wastes from an uncontaminated source are truly inert.

The range of wastes includes;


Subsoils & Clay

Concrete, Brick, Stones & Rubble

Glass, Tiles & Ceramics


Inert wastes present the greatest opportunity for reuse, recovery or recycling. Practical Waste can offer clients non-landfill treatment for inert wastes with option to reuse the processed aggregates on the site of origin. All materials are processed to the relevant WRAP Protocol for recovered wastes at our treatment centre at Mallusk, on the outskirts of Belfast.

Non-recoverable inerts can be landfilled locally. Practical Waste offers clients competitive rates for disposal of inert soils as restoration material at our landfill at Ballyclare, and throughout Northern Ireland for all inert wastes based upon our pre-negotiated rates with major landfill operators and hauliers.