Non - Hazardous Waste
Written by Administrator
Monday, 18 October 2010 19:37

Non-Hazardous is the classification given to the majority of domestic, commercial and industrial wastes, under the European Waste Catalogue.

It applies to a wide range of materials including;


Construction Wastes - wood, plastic, rubber, paper, cardboard, plasterboard, metals, contaminated soils below the hazardous threshold

Commercial Wastes - green waste, kitchen and canteen waste, packaging, sweepings and general litter


Non-Hazardous wastes have high potential for treatment and recovery to avoid the financial and environmental costs associated with landfill. Practical Waste can offer physical and biological treatment of non-hazardous wastes, including contaminated soils, at our treatment facility at Mallusk to produce a reusable material.

Based upon the nature of the waste we can utilise a number of techniques including;





Alternatively, for untreatable waste streams, Practical Waste can transfer and landfill non-hazardous wastes throughout Northern Ireland and the UK based upon competitive rates negotiated with the major landfill operators on behalf of our existing portfolio of clients.