Oil Spills
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 16:04

Commercial and domestic storage of transport and heating fuels presents a potential source of pollution for soils and water. Diesel and kerosene quickly migrate through soils or over ground toward surface or groundwater.

Storage and containment requirements for oil will be regulated under the Control of Pollution ( Oil Storage ) Regulations NI 2010 and major pollution incidents involving oils may fall within the remit of The Environmental Liability ( Prevention & Remediation ) Regulations NI 2009 under the Polluter Pays Principle.


Containment & Treatment Products

We can supply a range of emergency spill prevention and containment products, suitable for all hydrocarbon based products.
Absorbent Booms & Mats
Absorbent Granules
Sensor Based Spill Prevention Systems

Emergency Response

Our team of experienced field staff can deploy any or all of the above at the site of the spill to minimise migration offsite. We can undertake sampling and analysis of impacted soils and waters and provide liaison with regulators, clients and others. We can manage the entire project from emergency response to remediation or transfer and disposal of impacted soils.